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Have you ever had ginger lemonade? It’s good as Hale!

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Minimum Order 3 Bottles

Try our refreshing ginger lemonade in various flavors and sizes!
Get ready for kickoff with a refreshing ginger lemonade!
Have you had your ginger lemonade today?
When you can't pick one, pick two!
Have you tried the Matcha Lemonade? It slaps!
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Buy Gingerhale’s Lemonade locally at these locations:

Citre Vegan Joint

1309 Fordham Dr., Suite 106

Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Herbal Market Wellness Center

6523 Auburn Dr. 

Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Desmond’s Island Soul Grill

977 REON Dr., Suite 102

Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Conscious Planet

2718 Granby St.

Norfolk, VA 23517

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